You have improperly cleaned your contact lenses

THOSE who wear contact lenses know that caring for them is difficult – you might look better without glasses, but cleaning them can get boring.

Luckily, a savvy cleaning expert has found the perfect solution – and it will make them look as clean as new in seconds.


It’s so easy, we wish we had thought about it soonerCredit: Tik Tok

Besides loving contacts, TikToker user @ drowninlove2 is also a huge fan of his electric toothbrush.

The savvy woman then decided to put the two together, creating the ultimate solution for dirty lenses.

Instead of cleaning the lenses manually, she put the brush between the contact compartment which contained some of the disinfectant liquid.

Once everything was put together, she simply turned on the toothbrush – the vibrating sensations did all the work, as the lenses spun and brushed off the grime that was there.

One enthusiastic viewer commented, “Can try this! While another called it a “smart idea”.

“Omg I’m doing this tonight when I take mine off 😂🤦‍♀️,” someone else seemed to have come up with this trick just in time.

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