WhatsApp forced to cancel new contact list after user criticism

WhatsApp recently received a new update that changed the way users looked at the in-app contact list. However, the new look didn’t really strike a chord with users who tested it. Now WhatsApp is returning to the old look.

WhatsApp version has recently been rolled out through the Google Play Beta program for all beta users on Android. The app replaced the conventional WhatsApp contact list with a new page that featured two groups – Frequently Contacted and Recent Chats. The change was probably made to make it easier for users to find their favorite contacts, the reaction to the update hasn’t been well received at all.

According to a report by android font, beta users didn’t like the change at all and called the update “awful” and the new interface “cluttered” according to the report. With the backlash, WhatsApp has now been forced to revert to the old contact list.

Now contacts are back to what they used to be and, according to beta users, what they should be – with all your contacts listed in alphabetical order. It seems the problem was that the new look added an extra step under the pretense of convenience and actually made the process of quick accessing a contact a bit longer.

WhatsApp new calling UI in the works

In other news, WhatsApp has been working on a new interface for another section of the app, and this one is much better. A report of WABetaInfo revealed that the popular instant messaging tool is developing a new calling interface that is not yet rolling out to beta users.

The interface changes the look of the WhatsApp call UI and it now has a much cleaner aesthetic for both individual calls and group calls.

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