WATCH: How did this golfer come into contact with the ball ?! THIS IS MADNESS

One of the great things about golf is that there isn’t just one way to play the sport. Just ask Jim Furyk, Matt Wolff, and Jim Thorpe who all came their way and achieved great things on the Biggest Stage.

And if you want some real bizarre thrash at the ball, take a look at Hosung Choi on the Asian tour.

While the amateur golfer in the following clip may soon be a long way from a career on the PGA Tour Champions, his particular swing at least somehow makes contact with the ball.

There’s a touch of Matt Wolff about this one too.

It’s just incredibly painful to watch.


Here is how other golf fans reacted to the strange swing:

“I literally thought he was standing in line to hit the bucket.”

“A hockey player.”

“This take! “

“Oh my”

“How did he make contact with the ball is ridiculous.”

“Seemed clean to be fair.”

“The man loves to prepare for a coin toss.”

“I have to start somewhere.”

“Apparently he was trying to copy Tiger Woods.”

“Definitely some Matt Wolff over there on the way home.”

“Nothing Chubbs can’t fix.”

“Happy was a hockey player too, where’s Chubbs?” “

“It’s great to see Happy Gilmore enjoying his retirement. “

“Slap taking works for someone.”

“The real definition of how to swing your swing.”

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