Visonic Dome Smart Hands-Free Contact Lens Cleaner

Those of you who wear non-disposable contact lenses might be interested in a new smart contact lens cleaner, the Visonic Dome, designed to help you easily clean your contact lenses at the touch of a button. Designed by Daniel Webber and launched exclusively via Kickstarter, the contact lens cleaner helps you keep your lenses clean and fresh by protecting your eyes from infection and the possibility of eye irritation during the day. The hands-free contact lens cleaner has already exceeded its required engagement goal with 19 days remaining.

inside contact lens cleaner

Hands Free Contact Lens Cleaner

Early Bird Pledges are now available for the Innovative Project from around $79 or £107 (depending on current exchange rates), offering a hefty discount of around 20% off the RRP, while Kickstarter crowdfunding is underway.

“Introducing Visonic Dome, your hands-free contact lens cleaner. Never rub your irritated eyes again. Never tear your contact lenses while cleaning them again. Treat your contact lenses to professional-grade cleaning with the press of a button. one button. Enjoy lenses that stay fresh longer! Clean your contacts of deposits and contaminants that build up after regular wear. Intuitive “left and right” baskets hold your contact lenses in place while they’re being cleaned . »

If the Visonic Dome campaign successfully achieves its required engagement goal and the project progresses smoothly, worldwide shipping is expected to occur around July 2022. Learn more about the Visonic contact lens cleaner project Dome, watch the promotional video below.

“Visonic Dome uses ultrasonic vibrations to create millions of microscopic bubbles in your versatile solution in a process called ‘cavitation’. As the bubbles implode, they remove dirt, dust, pollen and grime that make your contacts uncomfortable. Visonic Dome is also a convenient place to store your lenses whenever you’re not wearing them. Just press a single button and let the Visonic Dome take care of the rest. An automatic 10-minute timer off once your contacts are clean. No fumbling with settings. Quick and hassle-free!”

Demonstration of the Visonic Dome contact lens cleaner

“Contributors will receive a poll with 3 color options: Royal Blue, Aquamarine, and Black. The color with the most votes will be available to all contributors as an alternative to the standard white. Visonic Dome is proudly made in the USA and ships free in the United States.

For a complete list of all available early bird pledges, stretch goals, additional media and more contact lens cleaner features, head over to the official Visonic Dome crowdfunding campaign page by following the link below. -below.

Source: Kickstarter

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