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Do you wonder if something is real? If a post you saw is true or false? Here’s how to submit your question to our research team for fact-checking.

At VERIFY, we’re committed to helping you bring clarity and truth to all the misinformation you see online. Whether you are on the road or in front of your computer, you can contact us in different ways.



Our VERIFY reports broadcast on news stations Across the country. They are also published on and shared on our social networks.

One of our missions at VERIFY is to answer your questions directly. We take these questions directly to the sources to find the answers.

To ask us a question in the form of a video, which we can share on air and on social media, send us a selfie video with the following (cell phone video is fine):

  • Your name (the first will do!) and where you ask your question (ex: Jane Doe, North Carolina)
  • If you need help getting started, here’s a suggestion. Start with your name, where you ask your question, then “Hey VERIFY, I want to know:____”
  • We kindly ask you to shoot your video horizontally (landscape style). It doesn’t have to be complicated, but try to film in a quieter location so we can hear you.
  • Email your video to ques[email protected] and you’re done! We’ll chat with you from there if we use your question and also send you a link to the story once it goes live.


Our team members are spread across the country and check our inbox several times a day to make sure your messages are getting to the right people.

You can email our team at [email protected] or fill out the form on our website in the “Want something verified?” box in the upper right corner.


Seeing something on the move or wondering about a topic? You can text us your questions at (202) 410-8808.

Our team reads your messages daily and will text back to you with what we find, as well as our latest fact checks each afternoon to keep you up to date on a variety of topics.

You can also include photos or screenshots in your posts if you need to show off a specific article or social media post you’ve seen. Links are also helpful.


Most of the misinformation our viewers see is on their social media platforms. You can direct message us on any of our social media accounts to convey any misinformation you see or ask us a question.

INSTAGRAM: @VerifyThis

You can also watch us on Snapchatwhere we have weekly polls to help you decide what we should cover next.


No matter where and how you ask our question, you may have the chance to be featured as our “Question of the Day” in our daily VERIFY newsletter!

Along with introducing your question and your name, we give you the latest fast facts and also give you a “did you know?” bonus. to start your day.

Sign up for our daily newsletter by writing “newsletter” in the question box and your email here.

Learn more about our process, our team and our correctional policy.

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Want something VERIFIED?

Text: 202-410-8808

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