US Navy crew help clean up Brisbane

USS Straight cable recently arrived in Brisbane, and part of the ship’s crew disembarked to assist Australian Defense Force personnel deployed on Operation Flood Assist with clean-up duties.

LEGEND: The US Navy submarine tender USS Frank Cable arrives in Brisbane, Queensland while on deployment. Story of Flying Officer Robert Hodgson. Photo by Corporal Nicole Dorrett.

The ship, attached to the US Seventh Fleet and based in Guam, is visiting Brisbane as part of its current deployment.

The visit was coordinated with the support of the relevant state governments and the Australian Border Force.

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Commander of Straight cable Captain Albert Alarcon said he was proud that his crew were able to help.

“Our ship is very honored to have the opportunity to support the local Brisbane community,” said Captain Alarcon.

“The crew have a very high level of volunteerism and interest in supporting the public, so when offered the opportunity to help, it resonated throughout the bridge fleet.”

Australia’s longstanding alliance with the United States is the country’s most important defense relationship.

It is a pillar of security and stability in the Indo-Pacific and demonstrates shared values ​​and commitment to an open, secure, inclusive and prosperous Indo-Pacific.






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