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This is a pivotal time for the global energy industry. Global demand for energy is growing, as is the urgent need to tackle climate change. The energy mix is ​​changing, and as it becomes increasingly competitive, our resilience, efficiency, history of science and data, and commitment to our purpose drive us forward as a company.

Our goal

Together, we are creating incredible technology that opens up access to energy for the benefit of all.

Every day, we work together to create breakthrough technology that unlocks cleaner, safer access to energy for every community, including those where we live and work. This goal is timeless and enduring, and it will guide us through the decades to come.

Our vision

With our purpose in mind, our vision is to define and drive high performance for the energy industry, in a sustainable way. To deliver power in today’s dynamic and competitive environment, our customers need richer data and deeper insights to achieve a level of performance not previously possible in our industry. And we’re already ahead of the curve in this digital realm. We are the global leader in our field, delivering vital technologies and services around the world, and we have the digital capabilities our customers need to achieve unparalleled performance.

Our vision extends to the global energy transition and our role in that future. By working to decarbonize operations through our Transition Technologies portfolio and investing in new energy technology companies, we are advancing sustainability within our industry and helping our customers reduce their environmental footprint throughout the E&P lifecycle. .

Our values

Just as our purpose and our vision provide a clear and direct path for our future, so do our three values: people, technology and profit. These values ​​have been and always will be our cultural compass and guide as we navigate our evolving industry and strive to continue the legacy we have built since 1926. Thanks to our founders, brothers Conrad and Marcel, we have always been known for our talented people, our technological innovations and our pioneering entrepreneurial spirit, and we continue to embrace these principles as we explore new horizons for growth.

  • People—Exceptional people join us from all over the world because of who we are, and then they make us who we are. Committed to our customers, constantly learning and growing, we succeed in meeting the world’s greatest technical challenges, wherever they are. It is the pulse and the spirit of Schlumberger.
  • Technology—We were founded on invention, and we grow, thrive and lead through continuous innovation and a commitment to practical excellence. Today, we are designing a sustainable future for the energy industry and helping to create a better world for everyone.
  • Benefits—Financial strength gives us the independence and resources to make bold choices for the future and foster bold, visionary innovation over the long term. Investment discipline matters: the returns we generate ensure that our talent and technology are best-in-class, and that the value we create is widely shared.

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