Ronn Torossian Releases Strategy on Managing Contact Lists in Email Marketing Campaigns

New York, NY, March 11, 2022 –(– Ronn Torossian, an entrepreneur, says businesses need to build and maintain their contact list for email newsletters. This is important for creating an effective email marketing campaign, but many businesses overlook the fact that they need to constantly maintain and update their email contact list. When businesses avoid doing this, they end up negatively impacting the performance of their email campaigns and can also negatively impact the reputation of the business.

Healthy email contact list
A healthy email contact list is made up of contacts for people who have voluntarily opted in to receive communications from a business, meaning those people have given their email address to the business and given that company permission to send them marketing emails. Maintaining a business email contact list is important by frequently deleting unengaged subscribers, old email addresses, or emails that keep bouncing. The best way to manage an email contact list is to closely monitor email campaigns and take note of unsubscribe rates, deliverability rates, hard bounces, soft bounces, and spam complaints. . This way, businesses will be able to constantly improve their email contact list and email marketing campaigns. For example, if many people have started complaining to a business that their emails are no longer relevant, the business should review its content strategy and determine what consumers want to see from the business at the time. square.

Regular cleaning
The best way for businesses to ensure their email contact list is healthy is to remove all old or stale email addresses, which will help all business email campaigns because emails will only be sent to people who genuinely want to receive emails from the company. When tracking hard bounces, soft bounces, unsubscribe rates, and spam complaints, businesses can easily determine which email addresses should be removed from the list. Tracking all of the above metrics can also help businesses determine how often subscribers want to receive business emails. Although the frequency of cleaning an email contact list differs between companies and industries, a good rule of thumb is to clean the list every six months to a year.

Re-engage churns
A useful strategy that many businesses tend to rely on is to create a re-engagement automation list that can help make the list cleaning process easier. This automation tool differs from company to company, but the ultimate goal of using it is either to re-engage people who haven’t checked a company’s emails in a while, or to completely remove them from the email contact list. However, it’s important for companies to avoid sending re-engagement emails to people who have decided to unsubscribe from a company’s newsletter. Continuously sending emails to unsubscribed addresses can increase the rate of spam complaints and further unsubscribes from the business, which only leads to a decrease in the deliverability rate of the email campaign. emails.

Ronn Torossian founded 5WPR.

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