‘Red flag if you ask me’

A woman doesn’t know why her boyfriend is jealous of her little brother.

She asked Reddit‘s”Am I the A******? (AITA)advice forum. Her boyfriend saw that she saved her brother in his contacts as “my love”. Now he’s crazy that she didn’t save him cause his “love” on her call.

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“It may sound silly, but my boyfriend is really mad at me right now,” she says wrote. “Yesterday my boyfriend, Micah (M23) lost his call and asked me if he could use my phone to call himself and find him.

“I gave it to him. Apparently he searched for ‘M’, saw someone registered as ‘my love’ and thought it must be him. He called without checking the number just to find out it was in does my little brother (M10).

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“He asked me why my little brother was registered as ‘my love’ instead of him. I joked that it’s because my brother is the real love of my life, not him and he’s got very angry and called me AH.

“He thinks it’s inappropriate for my brother to be saved like my love and it should be him. He’s not talking to me now. Did I really do something wrong?

Editors thought the boyfriend was being unreasonable.

“It’s weird that your boyfriend is being threatened by your little brother. Red flag if you ask me,” one person commented.

“Boyfriend needs to get over himself!” another one said.

“Your boyfriend seems insecure about his request”, someone wrote.

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