Quick ways to make money from a contact list

1. Get a phone for your business

2. Go register a separate phone number for your business (not your personal number)

3. Install WhatsApp for business on this new phone

4. Properly fill in biographical information like your company name, email address, other details and even set up a catalog of your best-selling items

5. Choose a WhatsApp name for your business. This is the name you will ask your customers to save the number under

6. Immediately begin the “save mine, save the client” principle

Ask and watch each customer or prospect record your number while you record theirs. Do this with all your disciplines. Teach your staff to do it too.

If two customers bought from you today, both of these numbers should be registered on the WhatsApp phone. Tell customers that your whatapp is very active and they can place their order there.

7. Become a TV channel. Every day, post 10 images that tell exciting stories on your WhatsApp status.

Photos of your products, photos of your offers, photos of you at work, motivational quotes, customer testimonials, photos of your production process, photos of your team at work, photos of happy customers , etc. Become a real TV channel on this phone. Teach your staff to do the same.

8. Ask happy customers for WhatsApp referrals. When you see you’ve made a customer happy, ask them to introduce friends to you via WhatsApp. This is a deliberate effort to grow your WhatsApp list.

9. Use tags to differentiate those who have purchased from you before from those who have not. Tag is a WhatsApp business feature. A buyer list is a subset of your customer list. It’s a very powerful list. Buyers are 7 times more likely to buy again.

10. Once a week you can do a show with knowledge sharing and offers. You can decide to make a separate distribution to your list of buyers.

11. Keep growing your WhatsApp list. Keep saving numbers and ask them to save yours. Keep doing TV, keep doing the weekly show. Keep packing your cash.

12. Make sure you organize your order management process. When someone orders something from this whatsapp reply quickly and save it.

Keep calculating how much this WhatsApp gives you each month. That’s it. You have a list. You have a powerful list.

As a business owner, you need to be open to learning new things to grow and transform your business. You have to catch up with the trends before the train leaves you.

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