Physical Touch Turns Messy Sweaty Husband

Dear Abby: I don’t think I’ve read about this problem before and I can’t find any help on the internet. I have been married for many years and have had this problem since the beginning. Every time I touch or snuggle up to my husband, he starts sweating profusely. It starts in a second or two. It’s not just his torso, but even his arms and legs, or wherever my skin touches his.

It’s a huge detour because it’s like snuggling up to a slimy animal. It affected our sex life throughout our marriage. Wearing pajamas is obviously out of the question for him because he is hot. Has anyone ever written to you about this particular issue?

— Sweating in Georgia

Dear perspiration: I don’t remember being asked about anything like that, nor have I heard of it. I don’t know if your husband needs to see a dermatologist or a psychologist to figure out what’s causing it, but if I were him, I’d start by calling my doctor.

Dear Abby: I have been a single man for a while. I have two friends who really care about me. They all told me that I should go on social media and start dating. I’m not really interested in doing that.

I want to remarry one day, but for the right reasons, not because I’m alone. I want to be with this person because he makes me better and makes me smile. When I see his picture and see or hear his name, I want my heart and my face to light up.

The thing is, I’m in love with one of my two friends. It ticks all of those boxes. It’s been a while since my divorce, and when we’re together, I feel comfortable, warm, and safe. I guess I’m afraid his answer is no. Tips?

— Try your luck in California

Dear Lessee: Oh yes. Swing for the fences! Tell him how you feel. If her answer is no – and I bet she won’t – go to a dating site THEN. In cases like this, nothing dared, nothing won.

Dear Abby: I like to have buffets for a large number of guests, but at a recent party the food and the table were ready, but no one started. Then a guest asked me — the host — to start so everyone could eat. I have always been taught that the host or hostess always comes last. I tried looking for the answer, but I can’t find one. What is polite? Who should start the buffet?

— Getting started in Georgia

Dear Beginner: Because the ad “My friends, the buffet is open” didn’t work, try this: Ask a few of your closest friends to line up and start helping themselves for the others to follow their example. Nothing stimulates the appetite like seeing others getting their fill.

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