NSW coronavirus update: NSW Health reduces contact tracing as COVID-19 cases reach record highs

NSW Health has reduced contact tracing for close contacts of COVID-19 cases as infections soar in the state.

NSW Health confirmed in today’s case numbers that they have changed their approach to contact tracing.

“NSW Health is now prioritizing case households and settings with vulnerable people where COVID-19 cases may have visited or worked,” NSW Health said.

NSW Health has reduced contact tracing as COVID-19 cases rise. (Getty)

Prior to the current surge in cases, NSW Health was contacting people exposed to the virus, but now people who test positive are being asked to tell those they have been in contact with.

“People who have been confirmed as cases of COVID-19 are urged to tell those they have recently spent time with that they have tested positive,” NSW Health said.

“NSW Health will only be contacting a small number of those exposed to direct them to self-isolate under the public health order.”

Most people already know they have been in contact with a COVID-19 case when told by friends, colleagues and family, NSW Health added.

Queue for Covid 19 Sydney coronavirus testing
Only household contacts and people exposed in high-risk settings will be contacted by health authorities. (Getty)

How do I know if I am a close contact?

NSW Health is now relying on positive cases of COVID-19 to notify anyone they have come into contact with.

Unless it is a high-risk environment where there are vulnerable people, including aged care homes or household contacts, NSW Health will not alert those exposed to the virus.

People will now have to rely on COVID-19 cases to tell them they have been exposed.

What should I do if a friend tells me I have been exposed?

If someone tells you they have COVID-19 and you have been exposed, you should go get tested if you have symptoms.

The NSW Government is urging people who do not have symptoms or who have not been notified by NSW Health not to take a PCR test due to the long test lines plaguing the state.

“I know there are long queues all over our state so if we can help you, if you don’t feel bad, if you’re not advised by NSW Health, it’s not necessary to receive a PCR test,” Prime Minister Dominic Perrottet said. noted.

“You are taking a place in the queue for someone who needs a test.”

Mr Perrottet urged people to take a rapid antigen test if they are concerned.

“The only people who get a PCR should be those who have symptoms of COVID-19; live in a household with a confirmed positive COVID-19 case; or have been to a place where NSW Health has indicated there is had high transmission,” NSW Health said.

Three people have died from the virus.

10. South Korea

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Hospitalizations have increased by 68 patients since yesterday, with 625 people hospitalized and 61 people in intensive care.

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