Music festival added to contact list

20 December 2021

Queensland Health has added more locations to its contact tracing list with Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr John Gerrard urging all Queenslanders to check it daily.

Among the latest venues for “casual contact” is the Elements Music Festival held at Landcruiser Mountain Park at 669 Diaper Road, Kingaham.

The periods of interest are Friday at midnight (December 17) to 2:30 p.m. Sunday afternoon (December 19).

Those who attended the festival during the relevant times should immediately travel by private transport directly to their home or accommodation and self-quarantine, and get tested as soon as possible.

They must continue to self-isolate until they receive a negative result.

They should also continue to watch for symptoms and if they become symptomatic, get tested and isolated until they test negative.

* * *

Dr Gerrard on Monday announced 59 new cases of COVID in Queensland; with 43 Omicron cases now confirmed in the state.

Health officials fear that a graduation ceremony for Griffith University students last Monday could turn into an Omicron cluster, with 15 cases already linked to the event.

Like the Music Festival, above, the event has been listed as an ‘casual contact’ event, so anyone who attended is encouraged to take a COVID test and self-isolate until such time. that she obtains a negative result.

There are currently 197 active COVID cases in the state, and although 66 people are hospitalized, no one is in intensive care.

Since December 13, four more cases have been added to the statistics related to the Toowoomba Regional Council area.

Two cases were acquired locally from a known source and two are still under investigation.

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