Letter to the Editor: Reach out to your reps, then pray some more – Grand Forks Herald

For the editor,

It was a test. That’s what I told a few friends when the COVID mandates started. Someone wanted to test our will to comply with these mandates.

I wonder, could this explain the test? This week in Geneva, Switzerland, there is a meeting of the World Health Assembly. An important item they hope to complete is the adoption of amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) adopted in 2005. On January 18, 2022, United States HHS Assistant Secretary Lloyd Pace sent a letter proposing 13 amendments to the RSI. If passed, the amendments would cede control to the World Health Organization. It gives the WHO Director General the authority to call a “health” emergency and then come to countries and apply whatever mandates he deems necessary to deal with the emergency.

Most of the reading I have done on these changes suggests that there will be no recourse if they are adopted by member nations. It is not considered a treaty, so the United States Senate does not have to ratify it.

Coincidentally, the World Economic Forum (WEF) is also meeting this week in Davos, Switzerland. The leader, Klaus Schwab, has written a book called “The Great Reset”.

What can you do? First, educate yourself. Information is available by searching the Internet. Second, contact representatives. Third, if you are a believer, pray and pray again.

Becky Radi,
Big Forks

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