Letter: Contact your legislators to adopt a carbon price

“Air pollution causes death, disease and economic damage on enormous scales. Globally, air pollution from fossil fuels causes 1 in 5 deaths and $ 10,000 billion in economic damage each year. In the United States, air pollution causes 200,000 premature deaths and $ 933 billion in economic losses each year … It is a moral duty to protect the health and prosperity of our communities by moving to the city as quickly as possible. clean energy.

Global warming is a fact, not a “blue” or “red” problem; a humanitarian crisis that affects us all due to the combustion of fossil fuels causing more than 110 million tonnes per day of greenhouse gas (GHG) air pollution.

The Yale 9/2/20 poll shows 71% of Minnesotans and 72% of Americans believe global warming is happening. Sixty-three percent of Carlton County adults agree, and 86% support funding research into renewable energy sources, 73% support regulating CO2 as a pollutant, 67% support limits CO2 restrictions on existing coal-fired power plants and 67% support requiring fossil fuels. – Oil companies to pay a carbon tax, the poll showed.

Congress can immediately create policies that eliminate GHG pollution and tackle the “feedback loops” causing devastating and self-accelerating global warming.

Join Citizens’ Climate Lobby (citizensclimatelobby.org). Ask your Senators (cclusa.org/senate), President Biden (cclusa.org/white-house) and Representative Stauber (202) 225-6211 to price carbon with a dividend, creating a self-funded, robust climate solution and bipartisan saving lives and growing our economy.

Michael Overend,

Two ports

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