Lead Library credited for transforming B2B marketing with validated contact lists and contact list builders

Garden City, ID – Leads Library, a leading source of validated business-to-business (B2B) contact information, has been recognized for helping companies create highly targeted marketing campaigns to achieve their business goals.

As an industry leader in direct marketing, Leads Library has transformed traditional marketing with the release of its first-of-its-kind contact list building tool, which innovatively enables corporate clients to search, order and download contact information and email databases. for targeted lead generation. The contact list builder includes contact information for potential buyers and customers so anyone can directly engage new target audiences using physical mailing addresses, fax numbers, email addresses, or phone numbers. telephone. Contact lists can also be filtered for maximum impact based on industry, company size, business location, job title, income, etc., in order to ‘strategically identify relevant companies and then target influential decision makers within them.

Collectively, this valuable information enables businesses to target customers directly, build customer trust with every connection, and gain direct feedback at every stage of the buying cycle. B2B contact information is obtained directly from companies, including through public directories, corporate websites, press releases and annual reports, before being compiled into contact lists and databases. high-quality, human-verified data from Leads Library. Each list is subject to regular updates and cleaning to maintain its validity, and Leads Library offers a promising guarantee of the quality and accuracy of each list by guaranteeing a high deliverability rate of 96% or more for all lists.

Each of these contact lists, custom generated and compiled by Leads Library, is available to businesses at the lowest prices in the industry for B2B direct marketing services. Prices vary based only in part on the total number of records requested and purchased. Recordings are available within minutes of every purchase, creating near-instant marketing opportunities for people looking to expand their reach and make new business contacts nationally or internationally.

“Every day, our customers use our mailing lists for a variety of direct marketing campaigns,” noted the president of Leads Library. “Our verified contact lists help bring people together to build valuable leads and professional networks. We are the first company to offer a contact list builder, which allows our customers to search, order and download a database of contacts in minutes to maximize impact through strategic and targeted marketing” , they added.

To learn more about Leads Library and its revolutionary B2B direct marketing tool, please visit LeadsLibrary.com. Also, click here to learn more about current pricing plans and how to buy B2B mailing lists today.

About the Track Library

Leads Library is a leading source of validated business-to-business (B2B) data and contact information. A Garden City, Idaho-based company, Leads Library is nationally and internationally recognized for providing valid and up-to-date B2B contact lists with premium data, including physical mailing addresses, fax numbers, email addresses and phone numbers, for the most influential decision makers in any industry.

To learn more, please visit LeadsLibrary.com.

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