Knowledge Management 101: Your Complete Guide to the Contact Center

A next generation knowledge managementhelps achieve goals through well-thought-out design. If you are considering acquiring a knowledge management system or upgrading your current system, the first step is to understand which key features are worth investing in. Check out these essential features so you know what to look for when you start looking at KM providers.

  1. Knowledge base system

A good knowledge base will have a comprehensive digital repository of all relevant company information, including resources such as helpful articles that can be accessed easily when needed. A knowledge base helps agents provide consistent customer service by allowing them to simply search for anything they want to know. A Google-like search function is also important for a knowledge base so all an agent has to do is type a question or set of keywords into a search bar to display content such as a manual, FAQ or troubleshooting guide.

  1. Integrated with a CRM system

Combining knowledge management with CRM is an optimal choice. A CRM systemsynchronizes information at all levels so that agents have access to it at all times. Customer data and information can come from multiple channels, depending on how a business chooses to communicate with its customers, and a CRM system centralizes everything. An integrated knowledge management system works seamlessly with these systems and optimizes workflow.

  1. Collaborative tools

Collaboration is important for any department or team, even in a contact center. A knowledge management system allows agents to work in a shared space, which means that they all have access to the same information and can easily take over from another agent. While call transfers are not ideal for the good of the customer, it does happen and it’s frustrating for the customer when the next agent doesn’t have access to the information the previous agent had, thanks to call silos. information. Collaboration tools also allow authors to leave comments and reviews.

  1. Configurable desks

Custom officescan automate certain processes for agents and create an interface that provides a single point of reference. A configurable desk can enable agents to deliver high levels of service by giving them access to everything they need to do so. They also allow agents to share relevant content with customers through various channels, like email and chat, for an added layer of convenience.

Ultimately, the goal of a knowledge management system in the contact center is to create order and simplicity for agents by bringing together all the necessary information in a unified location. It is an essential component of the agent experience and the customer experience. So be sure to do your research and find the right knowledge management system for your business.


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