Hamilton South Public School families in contact to seek ‘waiting game’ after positive case | Newcastle Herald


IMOGEN Lyne only spent one full day in class before resuming distance learning. The fifth grader, 11, attends Hamilton South Public School, where principal Mark Warren on Tuesday asked families to pick up their children after a member of the school community tested positive for COVID-19 . The school has been closed for contact tracing and cleaning and staff and pupils have been asked to self-isolate pending further advice. IN THE NEWS: Imogen’s mother Sally Ebert said parents and caregivers were in “very good spirits” as they picked up their children. “They seemed to think the school was dealing with it quickly and doing it calmly,” Ms Ebert said. “I think it’s going to be the new normal and we’re all sailing at the same pace.” I think it would be extremely difficult on the school side to suddenly receive this call saying “We need to close the school because as quickly as possible, just as they have made all the necessary arrangements for all children to return to school. school. I really feel for the principal and all the teachers who were doing an amazing job trying to get the kids to the parents while we were all waiting outside. “It’s disappointing that we’re only one day , but it’s such an unpredictable situation that we find ourselves in that it’s like “to isolate ourselves…it’s just a waiting game.” Ms Ebert said she had brought Imogen home and the two would stay away from Imogen’s brother and father until they received further advice. ‘ and she said ‘No, I don’t think so’, so I think the messages from the teachers have been handled pretty well,” she said. “I’m sure there will be parents who are nervous now and children who are nervous because it’s very close to home in that way, which I guess we didn’t expect, even if the number of hunters increases or does not stabilize.” Ms Ebert said said she was confident the school was minimizing risk where possible, requiring all staff to be fully immunized, limiting mixing between cohorts and banning outside visitors to the site.” They say children can catch it, but hopefully their symptoms aren’t as bad and they don’t seem to be in so much pain, but I will be very happy when she turns 12 next year and can get the shot. back to normality, but it’s kind of two steps forward, one step back,” she said. “I’m sure some people I think we shouldn’t have gone back to the school so early and other people think we should have gone back sooner. I think there is no right answer at the moment. it takes one day at a time.” Our reporters work hard to bring local, up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:


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