Fake voter investigation hits Sarah Huckabee Sanders contact and Sanders White House hire

It’s still early days, but here’s a whiff of the possibility that the Republican gubernatorial candidate Sarah Huckabee Sanders could be dragged into the investigation of an alleged Trump campaign plot to install fake voters to steal the 2020 election honestly won by Joe Biden.

Here is a summary of Raw Story report pointing as follows:

Friday, The uprising newsletter reported that a former Trump campaign staffer who was one of the bogus ‘voters’ sought by the former president’s loyalists to certify their nonexistent victory in Pennsylvania, has been subpoenaed by the House Select Committee investigating on the January 6 insurrection at the US Capitol.

“Lisa Vranicar Patton, who identifies herself as the Pennsylvania State Events Director for former President Trump’s 2020 campaign on LinkedInis one of 14 people who received subpoenas on Friday for their alleged involvement in a plan to send the Electoral College ‘fake lists’ of ‘substitute voters’ backing Trump in seven key states that have in been won by President Joe Biden,” Hunter Walker reported.

According to the report, Patton’s social media pages show she had contact with members of Trump’s inner circle in the weeks leading up to the Jan. 6 attack, including Eric Trump, former publicist Sarah Huckabee Sandersand former New York City Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik – the latter was present for the so-called Trump”command centerat the Willard Hotel.

If you see Sanders, you might ask her what she and Patton talked about. However, she doesn’t make many entirely public appearances in Arkansas.

Patton’s Twitter account is not publicly available, but a Google search shows that she commented favorably on Sanders’ announcement that she was running for governor of Arkansas.

UPDATE: But there is this, which a reader reminded me of. A more direct player, Judd Deere, a former Arkansan Sanders hired at the White House press office.

The internet never forgets. Another to question the ghost candidate about communications during the coup plot period.

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