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HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) – The Department of Public Health said it received a dozen calls from people who said they had received bogus calls regarding exposure to COVID-19.

The DPH said all 12 calls were received between Nov. 2-3 and cited the exhibit location as Fairfield.

However, the DPH said none of the beneficiaries said they spent time in Fairfield.

He also indicated that none of those people were even in the DPH contact system.

The residents all said they received a live call from “800-319-7802” telling them they had been exposed and to call the main Fairfield Health Department number to complete the contact tracing. No personal information was requested.

The DPH said the phone number does not accept incoming calls and an internet search indicated that this number has been associated with similar notifications / scams in the past.

The ministry verified that the messages were not coming from its systems and that the sources of the calls could not be traced. The DPH said it was reaching out to other local health department contact tracing officials to see if they had received similar calls.

Connecticut residents are reminded that local and state health department contact tracers will be in contact with them if they test positive for COVID-19 or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19.

Residents will see CT COVID TRACE or a local health department number on the caller ID. The DPH said it is very important that people answer the call.

The DPH has stated that contact tracers do not:

  • Identify one person as a source of information with others in a community.
  • Share personal or medical information without permission with anyone outside of the contact tracing network.
  • Give someone’s name or contact information to employers or immigration officials.
  • Ask for social security numbers or immigration status.
  • Request credit card, bank, or payment information.

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