Does wearing contact lenses hurt?

No matter what type of contact lenses you wear, they should never hurt your eyes. If you experience any pain, even mild, while wearing your contact lenses, you should see your eye doctor as soon as possible. When wearing contact lenses, especially for the first time, it can be a little uncomfortable as your eyes adjust – although it might be uncomfortable for some people, it should never hurt. Any feelings of discomfort should subside on their own after a fairly short period of time – usually within a few hours.

Pain when wearing contact lenses may actually be a sign that something else is wrong, such as an underlying health issue. It could be something minor or it could also be a sign of something much more serious. It is for this reason that pain while wearing contact lenses should be investigated immediately by a qualified medical professional. Some of the reasons why you may experience pain with contact lenses may include the following…

The contact lens is torn

It can sometimes happen when handling a contact lens that it accidentally tears. If you think this is the case, remove it immediately as it can cause serious damage to the sensitive tissues of the eyeball. The torn contact lens should be discarded and replaced with a new one purchased from

Contact lens solution is dirty

Reusing the solution over and over again can cause pain when wearing contact lenses. In effect, this negates the cleaning agent it contains, thus rendering the contact lenses unclean when placed in the dirty solution. To prevent this from happening, be sure to change the cleaning solution regularly.

There is an eyelash in the contact lens

It is possible for eyelashes to get caught in contact lenses, which can cause the wearer a lot of pain. However, this should be alleviated as soon as the contact lens is removed. Eyelashes are not always clearly visible, so to prevent this from happening, make sure contact lenses are regularly and thoroughly cleaned before putting them on. If they are comfortable to wear and the pain has stopped after cleaning, then it is fine to continue wearing the contact lenses.

You have a corneal abrasion

A scratched eyeball, or corneal abrasion as it is medically called, is a very common eye injury. When this happens, you will likely feel a lot of discomfort, pain, and sensitivity to light. Wearing a contact lens over a scratched eye is something that should be avoided whenever possible due to the discomfort it will cause the wearer. This is advice that will be echoed by your eye doctor and should be maintained until your eye is fully healed and there is no more discomfort.

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