Der8auer 12th Gen CPU Contact Frame Revealed and Tested

Extreme overclocker and YouTuber der8auer has unveiled its 12th generation CPU contact frame, which is made by Thermal Grizzly. In addition to the precision-machined anodized aluminum frame, which evenly distributes the pressure on your Intel Alder Lake CPU, the OC Expert demonstrated a new break-in frame. This subframe can be used if you want to ensure that your CPU sits perfectly flat when installed in the LGA1700 sized contact frame on your motherboard.

Before talking about this new product, we would like to explain why some people will want to buy this or other similar products. In short, the 12th Gen CPU is a bit longer than previous generations but is still restrained by the pressure of the Integrated Loading Mechanism (ILM) at its center. Due to this pressure, its surface may become concave. Using replacement ILM frame modules can help reduce or eliminate any concave surface effect. The use of 0.5mm plastic washers and the existing Intel-designed ILM motherboard has also been found to help reduce concavity.

One of our most recent articles on the Intel Alder Lake CPU warping phenomenon includes comments from an Intel spokesperson. It seems that Intel does not consider the raised warping or bending issues to be a problem. However, many enthusiasts looking for the best cooling and performance will want to do something about it. Thus, there have been a few previous replacement frames released by Chinese manufacturers like LZMod and Maple, as well as Thermalright.

Der8auer’s elegant solution to the CPU warping problem might be the best yet. It is constructed of black anodized aluminum, a non-conductive rigid construction material. It measures 71 x 51 x 6 mm and a T20 key is included in the package.

When reviewing the material, der8auer selected 7075 aluminum for its stability when subjected to extreme overclockers’ heating/cooling (+70 Celsius to -200 Celsius). The overclocking expert said plastic, and therefore 3D-printed parts, don’t cut it as a long-term solution for ILM replacements, especially when subjected to wide temperature ranges.

After break-in (Image credit: der8auer)

It was especially interesting to see the break-in frame demonstrated in the video above. This product is the result of a conversation der8auer had with Splave. In February, Splave revealed that it sawed off a spare LGA1700 motherboard to cover the CPU under pressure from the standard ILM. Since such circuit bone surgery is not an option for most enthusiasts, the idea of ​​the break-in frame was born. Der8auer demonstrates this framework and its use approximately ten and a half minutes into the video. The break-in frame does not appear to be part of the product packaging, so it will likely be sold separately.

To test its new 12th-gen contact frame, der8auer focused on 14 CPUs cooled by an EKWB Magnitude (wrapped) cooler and noted that the CPUs experienced benefits of up to 7.1 degrees Celsius. One of the processors was running 0.3 Celsius warmer, which is odd, but the average benefit was between four and five degrees.

(Image credit: der8auer)

If you continue to use the honing setting and a perfectly flat diamond stone, you may be able to reduce temperatures by another five degrees.

Thermal Grizzly manufactures the 12th generation CPU contact frame in Berlin. Der8auer says the product is in stock and was shipped worldwide to other retailers last week, for “soon” availability. Expect to pay around €35, or about $38, for the product.

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