Dallas Cowboys should contact Saints about Sean Payton preemptively

Look, it’s no mystery that the Dallas Cowboys are interested in Sean Payton as head coach next year. Just a few years ago, a deal was on the table to bring the former Cowboys OC back to Dallas (ultimately called off by Anthony Davis’ drama in Los Angeles). So we know the Cowboys wanted it and the Saints know about it, but both sides are willing to negotiate.

As many know, Sean Payton may be retired, but he’s still under contract. Even if he misses a year, New Orleans has his rights and must give up those rights so he can coach elsewhere. Based on practice moves from the past, this will be a trade that involves draft picks.

2022 is shaping up to be a lame duck year for the entire Dallas organization. Dallas threw the box on upgrades and actually took talent and salary off the roster rather than adding more. Even if they have an epic 2022 NFL Draft, it will be impossible to make up for the offseason losses. It’s a simple numbers game.

Current Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy is a walking dead man. One way or another he will be replaced next season and everyone seems to know about it. It has about as much influence as a bowl of mashed potatoes these days.

Stephen and Jerry Jones seem determined to “keep the powder dry” for next year (to borrow a term from Mark Cuban). They seem to be focused on laying the groundwork for 2023, which means cleaning up contracts, letting go of commitments and creating future movement.

They seem to be gearing up for someone like Sean Payton.

If Sean Payton is really on the Dallas Cowboys’ wish list for next year, Dallas must now contact the Saints to work out the parameters of a trade.

Logic tells us the Saints practically expect it, so it’s not like Dallas would offend them by being upfront about it. Even though Payton is really undecided about his future, finding out the asking price seems to be due diligence at this stage of the process.

Too often the Cowboys come into a situation expecting one thing and getting another. They repeatedly enter situations unprepared and disillusioned. There’s no reason to let that happen here.

If the Saints say they want a 1 and 2 for their Super Bowl-winning coach, the Cowboys can tell them to go hit some rocks and go plan B (maybe Dan Quinn). They don’t have to waste their time if the asking price is too high. If reasonable compensation is demanded, then the Cowboys can proceed with their plans with confidence. It doesn’t need to be in ink yet – just test out the stadium and apply a virtual handshake.

Too often the Cowboys come into a situation expecting one thing and getting another. Whether it’s the market prices on the players or the terms of the deal, they repeatedly come in unprepared and disillusioned. There’s no reason to let that happen here. There is nothing stopping them from talking to the Saints now to see if their plans are realistic.

Maybe they already did too.

Perhaps the Cowboys have already reached out to Payton and the Saints and vaguely discussed a pending deal for next year. It would be a smart move for a team that is clearly setting some sort of stage for 2023. But all of recent history says that’s not the case. They are repeatedly caught off guard by contracts and agreements and more often than not it burns them.

See also: Dak Prescott deal, Randy Gregory terms, original DeMarcus Lawrence deal, countless free agents they underestimated, etc…)

We all know the Cowboys as Sean Payton. We all know Mike McCarthy’s status is precarious at best. We all know Sean Payton loves Dallas. So why not cover our bases and discuss the parameters of a deal if the stars align in 2023 and Payton decides to coach again?

If the Cowboys haven’t contacted the Saints yet, they should because this season seems to be about laying the foundation for 2023 and knowing you’re getting your target head coach is a pretty big step in building that foundation. .

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