Contact established in case of disappearance of two German girls in Paraguay

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Asuncion (AFP) – The mother of a 10-year-old girl and the father of an 11-year-old girl have made contact with their daughters who were brought from Germany to Paraguay last year without their consent, the parents’ lawyer said on Monday. .

“On behalf of our clients Anne Reiniger, mother of Clara (Egler), and Filip Blank, father of Lara (Blank), we announce that as part of the search for their daughters from their respective first marriages, fruitful conversations took place,” Stephan Schultheiss said in a press statement.

Clara, 10, entered Paraguay on November 27 with her father, Andreas Rainer Egler, 46, and his new wife Anna Maria Egler, née Scharpf, 35.

Anna Maria Egler’s daughter from her first marriage, 11-year-old Lara Valentina Blank, was also with them.

The case caused a stir in Germany. Last week, Clara’s mother and Lara’s father authorized the police to launch a search for the missing girls, and Interpol issued arrest warrants for Andreas and Anna Egler.

The runaway couple recently sent a video message and contact has been established between the parties, the lawyer said.

“We are looking together for a solution that respects the rights of all parties involved, but above all the best interests of children,” Schultheiss said.

Anne Reiniger and Filip Blank have promised to drop the charges if the fugitive couple agree to return the children and reach a custody agreement.

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