Contact 6 saves viewers $58,433 in February

Families turn to Contact 6 when needed. Each month, Contact 6 reports on how much money its intervention has saved FOX6 viewers. In February, the consumer segment helped viewers save $58,433, but saving money isn’t Contact 6’s only goal.

Alyce Schmidt gets a little reminder from her dad every day on her farm when she tends to her miniature horses. Otto Frank looked after the horses alongside his daughter until his death in November from COVID-19.

“He thought they were the most stylish things in the world. He even bought a little cart,” Schmidt said. “[He was] an incredible man.”

A few days after his father’s funeral, Schmidt requested COVID-19 funeral assistance. By February, FEMA had provided more than $1.78 billion to more than 273,000 people. More than two months after applying, Schmidt said she hasn’t heard anything back.

“So I called Contact 6,” Schmidt said.

FEMA told Contact 6 that its team would look into the matter. Shortly thereafter, FEMA approved Schmidt’s request for maximum benefits.

“It was the greatest relief in the world to be able to write this check for $9,000 to pay for my father’s funeral expenses,” Schmidt said.

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Contact 6 is honored when it can help grieving families through financial hardship. Sharon Wroblewski was also mourning a loss when she submitted a Contact 6 complaint form. Her husband, David, died after a long battle with lung problems and a brain tumor.

“He fought so hard. He really did,” Wroblewski said.

David Wroblewski’s last social security check was missing. Since July, his wife had been calling the Social Security Administration to ask for the check to be issued.

“One person said, ‘Everything is processed.’ I’m going to get a check. Then the next month I talked to someone else. She said, ‘This needs to be dealt with,” Wroblewski recalled. “All those months, I couldn’t do it. You did it in two days.”

The Social Security Administration wrote to Contact 6, “Thank you for bringing this to our attention.”

The agency sent the money to Sharon. She says she could finally grieve without additional stress.

“I didn’t need that extra,” Wroblewski said.

Ultimately, Contact 6 wants to help its viewers get relief, in whatever form.

To find out if Contact 6 may be able to help you, complete a complaint form.

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