Chula Vista Multi-Family Sites May Contact City for Trash Pickup Request – NBC 7 San Diego

What there is to know

  • Only multi-family dwelling structures like apartments or condos can call the city for the cleaning request.
  • Property managers can call (619) 409-5977 or email [email protected] with their request.
  • They must provide their name, telephone number and the address for which they are requesting service.

Some Chula Vista residents will now be able to report overflowing trash to request cleaning services, the city announced Tuesday.

Only multi-family housing structures like apartments or condos can contact the city to have overflowing trash cleaned up, the announcement says. The service comes after sanitation workers returned to work on Tuesday following the end of their month-long strike.

City officials say they are working to figure out what kind of compensation they can get for Republic Services customers who have been without trash service for a month, NBC 7’s Joe Little reports.

Republic Service sanitation workers, who cover Chula Vista and parts of San Diego, were on strike from Dec. 17 through Monday as they demanded better wages, benefits and increased safety. Negotiations between the company and Teamsters Local 542, which represents their employees, dragged on for weeks before the two reached an agreement while residents were caught in the middle with overflowing garbage from the lack of service.

“The pandemic, the garbage, and then here because there are a lot of apartments, there’s a lot of garbage,” Chula Vista resident Leticia Cardenas said last month. “And since Christmas has just passed, people may be throwing food away, and it’s spoiling.”

Other residents wondered why they were still being charged for the service.

“I’m not going to pay for this,” Chula Vista resident Steve Monroe said of the garbage collection bill. “They owe us two or three weeks for not picking up the trash.”

NBC 7’s Omari Fleming spoke to Chula Vista residents and leaders about the prospect of refunds stemming from the trash pick-up strike.

Members of the Chula Vista City Council will meet on Tuesday to discuss possible ways for Republic Services to reimburse customers for the service discrepancy.

In the meantime, property managers of multi-unit structures in Chula Vista can contact the city’s Cleaning Request Services at (619) 409-5977 or via email. They must provide their name, telephone number and the address for which they are requesting service.

Residential and commercial properties can contact Republic Services at (619) 421-9400 to report a waste overflow.

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