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A number of Chelsea players have contacted their lawyers to explore the possibility of tearing up their contracts at Stamford Bridge, according to reports. The Blues appear to face an uncertain future as things stand after Roman Abramovich, owner of the club since 2003, was sanctioned by the British government on Thursday amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The sanctions prevented Chelsea from selling matchday tickets, merchandise or renegotiating contracts due to the new measures, which prevented fans from attending games unless they were season ticket holders.

The European champions will also be required to spend no more than £20,000 traveling to away matches under their license to continue operating as a club.

Chelsea players are now believed to be exploring potential escape routes should the Blues slide into financial armageddon over the next few months, according to The Telegraph.

Officers are said to have been in contact with lawyers to discuss contingency plans in case salary payments are made late in the near future.

A legal source is said to have said players would have to go unpaid for two months before they have a ‘clear and just cause’ to tear up their contracts after giving 15 days’ notice.

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However, a court may rule in favor of a player if he wishes to leave Chelsea early given the circumstances surrounding Abramovich and the recent penalties imposed on him.

It is said that there has been a clear sense of unity between the Blues squad following Thursday’s news, but it seems likely that other issues could soon be on the horizon if the situation does not is not resolved in the weeks and months to come.

West London officials are said to be extremely concerned about the club’s financial situation after their business accounts were temporarily restricted on Friday.

They fear it will be impossible to keep all sections of Stamford Bridge open in the near future and want to negotiate the terms of their license with the UK government as a matter of priority.


Chelsea issued a declaration in response to the sanctions on Thursday in which they expressed their desire to explore the possibility of modifying the current restrictions in place.

“Chelsea Football Club has been informed that its owner Roman Abramovich has been sanctioned by the UK government,” the statement read.

“By virtue of its 100% ownership of Chelsea FC plc and affiliated entities, Chelsea FC would normally be subject to the same sanctions regime as Mr Abramovich.

“However, the UK government has issued a general license which allows Chelsea FC to carry on certain activities.


“We will play our men’s and women’s team matches against Norwich and West Ham respectively today and intend to enter into discussions with the UK government regarding the scope of the licence.

“This will include requesting permission for the license to be amended to allow the Club to operate as normally as possible.

“We will also be seeking advice from the UK government on the impact of these measures on the Chelsea Foundation and its important work in our communities.

“Club will update further when appropriate.”

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