Army steps in to help clean up

Casino resident Clarissa Lloyd bought her home near the Richmond River just under a year ago.

LEGEND: Casino local Terry Lloyd with his youngest daughter stand in his daughter Clarisa’s casino, New South Wales, backyard with the Richmond River, which flooded the house, in the background. History of Captain Annie Richardson. Photo of Corporal Sagi Biderman.

All was well until floodwaters flooded her multi-level home on Monday, March 8.

After spending a week with her colleagues cleaning the ground floor of her house, she thought she had survived the worst.

It wasn’t until her father and a Rural Fire Department volunteer, Terry, came to inspect the damage that she realized it was more extensive than originally imagined – Clarissa had to completely gut the underside of his house.

“I thought it was just damage to my hardboard, windows and doors,” Ms Lloyd said.

“When Dad arrived and saw the extent of the damage to my retaining wall and the type of structural work that needed to be done, he called for help.”

Less than an hour after receiving the request, a group of soldiers from the 1st Combat Service Support Battalion (1 CSSB) deployed to Casino as part of Operation Flood Assist 2022 were at Ms Lloyd’s house to assist her in this arduous and physically demanding task.

“I was hesitant to bring a bunch of people I didn’t know to my house to help me clean it up, but they were really wonderful and very considerate,” Ms Lloyd said.

“They cleaned up all the dirt, bricks and damaged retaining wall under the house, so we could make repairs and make it structurally sound again.”

LEGEND: Army soldiers from the 1st Combat Service Support Battalion stand with the younger sister of Clarisa Lloyd who helped lead the cleanup. Photo of Corporal Sagi Biderman.

Leading the 1 CSSB team through the house was the spirited younger sister of Clarissa, who was eager to get involved after seeing army helicopters fly over her own house.

“My little sister enjoyed the team being here today so much,” Clarissa said.

“Besides making her happy, they all worked as a team and were incredibly efficient.”

“The other day a group came to my door, but I left them with my elderly neighbors who needed help cleaning their shed. Once they were done, they continued down the street to the looking for other people to help them.

“The whole community is so grateful, it’s so nice to have the support.”






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