ADPH continues contact tracing for COVID-19 in Alabama | Community

The Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) is continuing its policy of contact tracing as part of its investigation process for COVID-19. Finding contracts and self-quarantining people with COVID-19 and their close contacts is key to helping slow the spread of the virus.

Public health and contract staff investigate cases, obtain case information from those at risk, and then contact contacts. All of Alabama’s public health districts, including the Jefferson County Department of Health and the Mobile County Department of Health, are conducting surveys.

“The investigations have not stopped,” said Dr Wes Stubblefield, ADHD District Medical Officer. “Information is also provided to the person with COVID-19 and contacts on isolation and quarantine recommendations, self-care, when to seek additional care, and general infection control practices that include masking and social distancing. ”

ADPH prioritizes investigations when the number of daily cases exceeds the capacity to investigate all cases. Contact tracing is carried out as part of the survey. ADPH relies on schools to educate and exclude students and staff at risk from classes in an appropriate manner and in accordance with the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Long-term care facilities, correctional facilities and other places of collective living are required to report case information and also conduct contact tracing and exposure notifications within their facilities.

Investigation and contact tracing resources are available at

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