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Acadly is now available to make contact tracing easier for instructors and students. Acadly can record on-campus and hybrid course attendance and can be provided to contract trackers in lieu of seating charts. Acadly does NOT use GPS to track students, but it does make it easier for contact tracers to know who has been exposed.

If you want to start using Acadly in your classroom, recorded webinars and demonstration videos are now available on the Academy announcements page. Students can find all the information they need on the Academy students page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Acadly has a great FAQs to answer your questions. Here are some of the most common:

Does this use GPS?

No. The Acadly app does not use GPS or track anyone’s physical location. On Android devices, the app asks for permission to access GPS, but that’s because of an Android quirk that combines Bluetooth/Wi-Fi scanning permissions with “location” permissions. However, although the application must request this authorization for technical reasons, GPS data is at no time collected or stored by Acadly.

Can Acadly replace clickers?

Yes. Acadly can be used for classroom polls, quizzes, discussions, Q&As, word clouds, and even to share files and videos with students. All of this data can also be exported to the Blackboard notebook.

Has Acadly been reviewed to be FERPA compliant?

Yes, Acadly has been reviewed for FERPA compliance by multiple universities, including UIC. For any specific questions regarding data privacy, please contact us at [email protected]

Other uses for Acadly

Acadly does much more than take attendance. This educational technology tool brings an enhanced course experience for students and instructors by enabling quizzes, polls, discussions, word cloud questions, videos, files, and more, all in a single app. Acadly’s student engagement features provide educational benefits while its proximity and attendance data provide timely information critical to the contact tracing process required to keep our university safe.

For any other questions about using Acadly, contact the Acadly team directly at [email protected] (average response time: six hours).

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